Alcohol Flush Patch

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You can now drink all you want, and party all night with this Alcohol Flush Patch! This is the natural way to outsmart hangover and combat the redness of your face due to alcohol.

Just stick this patch on your skin and guarantee that your redness and flushed cheeks won’t show. This patch contains natural ingredients may help dramatically reduce the physical side effects of alcohol for a better morning after.



  • Helps combats drunk blush and rednessDelivers ingredients to your bloodstream. Our ingredients pass through the skin and are delivered right into your bloodstream. This results in a faster, more efficient delivery of the stuff that will keep you from flushingThis patch would prevent the usual redness and blushes you get when you’re drinking alcohol. No one would even notice that you’re drunk because of this patch as it prevents redness on the face.

  • Quickly replenish these nutrients in your body. When you drink alcohol, your body gets depleted of vitamins, especially vitamins B12 and B1, also known as thiamine — and according to Shvarts, this lack of vitamins “is what makes us slur, makes us tired, makes us unable to function.” That’s why this patch is made to quickly replenish and fill all the nutrient loss in your body.

  • A natural hangover defenses. The Alcohol Flush Patch directly delivery vitamins and supplements into the bloodstream, absorbed directly through the pores in the skin for maximum health benefits.
    • Contains natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs. Formulated with natural ingredients containing folic acid, vitamin B complex, Thiamine, Vitamin B1 and plant extracts to help supplement vitamins, proteins and antioxidants due to alcohol loss.

      • Easy to use and efficient. Alcohol Flush Patch is a way to get those essential vitamins back into your bloodstream as quickly as possible without the assistance of a medical professional — and without the side effects of taking a vitamin-B-complex pill, which can include nausea.

        • Safe, easy and convenient. The Alcohol Flush Patch helps to minimize the effects of alcohol, thanks to its unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and PMD complex. Alcohol is a toxin, so when we consume large amounts our bodies try to remove it as quickly as possible. This patch is definitely safe as it contains natural vitamins and minerals and it’s easy to use, just stick it to your hairless skin.

          • Helps clear alcohol's byproducts. Alcohol Flush Patch is loaded with some vital antioxidants – including glutathione and Vitamin C, which have been shown to bind with acetaldehyde, the byproduct of alcohol that causes the flush.

          How to Use:

          • For the best effect on the hangover, please use it 20 minutes before drinking and stick it on the dry skin surface.
          • After stopping drinking, it is recommended that the hangover sticker continue to stick to the skin for 8 hours. (It should not be applied to the skin for more than 24 hours)
          • Drink plenty of water during drinking or after drinking to keep the body water.
          • Use warm water to moisten the skin surface near the hangover sticker, then gently pull up the hangover patch.
          • Avoid using all lotions or cream in the same area as it will inhibit absorption. 
          • Patches are not waterproof.

          Package Includes:

          5pcs x Alcohol Flush Patch/ 10pcs x Alcohol Flush Patch


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