Anti-SpyCam Detector

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Concerned about your privacy when renting a hotel room or changing in public? Get your Anti-SpyCam Detector!

This lightweight battery powered device that allows you to quickly identify and locate a camera by using an array of ultra-bright LEDs. When the hidden camera is found it is highlighted to the user instantly, as it will appear as a flickering bright spot of light. This will find any hidden camera transmitting or not. So small you can carry it in your purse anywhere anytime.


  • Instantly detects hidden cameras. This device detects both wireless and wired cameras. Working or non-working cameras. Owning one of this can help you reduce concerns for a very low price.

  • Detection modes: Laser detection, Vibration (Mute) Detection, Beep detection and LED display detection.

  • Earphones can be connected & GPS positioning. It can be connected to the earphone and detected in a more covert way. Locator signal detection, effectively prevent base station GPS positioning.

  • Laser filter detection. With 6-red light on the back-side flashes. You can inspect the camera lens through the host's perspective window. If there is a camera lens in front, you will notice that there are strong highlights flashing.

  • Sensitivity adjustment. If the sensitivity is increased, the detection range can be widened, and if the sensitivity is lowered, the detection range can be shortened. The closer the detector is to the source, the faster the alarm sound frequency.
  • Signal strength display. With signal strength indicator, it can quickly find the source of the signal and receive wireless eavesdropping signal induction alarm.

  • Lightweight and portable. Lightweight and pocket sized, which makes it easy to pull out from your pocket once needed. You can carry it in your pocket, purse, suitcase or briefcase to have it with you at all time.

  • Easy to use and provides peace of mind. Simply pull this out of your pocket or handbag and scan sweep a room you’ve just entered to put those fears at rest. 


  • 5 Detection Modes.
  1. Laser Detection
  2. Vibration Detection (Silence),
  3. Beep Detection
  4. Led Screen Detection
  5. Headphones
  • Current Consumption: 8mA
  • Automatic Trigger Detection Wavelength: 920nm
  • Receive Frequency Range: 1 Mhz-6500 MHz
  • Material: ABS


  • 1 full frequency detector CC308
  • 1 x headphones
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x user manual 
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