Bicycle Tire Repair Glue

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Patch up your bike tires fast with this strong Bicycle Tire Repair Glue! It is high viscosity tire glue, easy to use and has a strong adhesion.

Creates a natural rubber liner which helps in reducing air loss. Works effectively in both tubed and tubeless tires. Premium quality tire solution for repairing tubes by bonding cut pieces of tube to the puncture area. It is a fast drying, easy to apply adhesive.


  • Less expensive and effective. Our Bicycle Tire Repair Glue can repair your own tires instantly and effortlessly! It tightly packs itself into the punctured area so guaranteed no flats. Only need 24hr then the damaged part can be fully repaired.
  • Suitable for a different surface. Does not leave a sticky residue on the tire. Low odor and creates a waterproof surface. Does not leave a sticky residue on the tire. Can apply on a different surface such as leather, wood, metal, ceramic, acrylic, etc.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry. Patch up your bike tires fast with this strong glue. Easy to carry anywhere. Perfect for trekking or adventure trips. Always carry this in your pocket for an emergency flat tire.
  • Durable and high- quality. The Bicycle Tire Repair Glue has a hold strength of 3,200 psi (test method: steel on steel in tensile shear) which is the highest strength of any tire glue available. This unique glue formula also provides the fastest drying glue possible while drying crystal clear with no yellowing or whitening found when gluing tires with other glues.


  • Locate the puncture. Inflate the tube so that you can find the source of the leak. You can sometimes find the leak by listening for the hissing and following the sound to the hole. A more reliable way is to fill a sink with a couple of inches of water, and then placing a portion of the inflated tube underneath the water, rotating the tire until you’ve watched the entire tube go through. The leak will give itself away by the bubbles it produces when its section of the tube goes underwater. This is an important step.
  • Prep the site. Using sandpaper, roughen the area of the tube that is slightly larger than the patch you will use. This allows the Bicycle Tire Repair Glue to adhere to the tube.
  • Apply Bicycle Tire Repair Glue. Apply a thin layer of Bicycle Tire Repair Glue at the site of the leak over the area you just sanded. Again, this should be slightly larger than the patch you will use. It is not important if you apply Bicycle Tire Repair Glue directly on the hole or not. Allow the Bicycle Tire Repair Glue to dry, a process that should just take a minute.
  • Apply the patch. Most of the time, the patches that come in a pre-made kit will have a thin foil backing which you will need to remove to expose the adhesive. Take that backing off, and apply the patch directly over the hole, pressing it firmly down to seal it with the Bicycle Tire Repair Glue.
  • Inflate the tube. Inflate the tube, place it into its tire and put the tire back on the rim. Steps to do that are here. Inflating it on the rim and in the tire will help seal the Bicycle Tire Repair Glue bond even more thoroughly as it helps press the patch down onto and into the Bicycle Tire Repair Glue to give even more security that it will hold.


  • 2 x Bicycle Tire Repair Glue (8ml)
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