Lithium Ion Hair Remover

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Since professional laser hair removal isn't the most budget-friendly option (initial sessions can cost upwards of $600), you’re looking at the next best thing: Lithium Ion Hair Remover!

This laser emits a broad spectrum of light, rather than a single wavelength. The technology, known as intense pulsed light, can be used across a variety of skin types, even those with an olive complexion. The technology safely delivers over three times more hair-eliminating energy than other at-home hair removal devices, making it the most powerful at-home hair removal device.


  • Quick with proven results. Faster treatment times with the quickest flash rate allow you to treat a leg or arm in just 8 minutes, without compromising on effectiveness. During clinical testing, 94% of women experienced noticeable results after just 3 months, and 89% of women experienced noticeable visible hair reduction, even 12 months after the last treatment.
  • Safe to skin. Our device has a Built-in cooling mechanism to help maintain the skin surface temperature between 32 ~ 40°F. This prevents your skin from damage, redness and skin burning. The light is soft, comfortable, pain-free, hypoallergenic and safe to use to effectively reduce hair growth on the face and body.
  • Targets and stops hair growth. It targets and permanently disables the hair follicle to stop hair growth on the body for permanent results and is gentle enough to remove unwanted hair on the face for women. However, it’s only designed to work on light brown to black body hair. Lighter hair colors such as white, blond, red, or grey will not absorb enough of the laser's energy to disable the hair follicle.
  • Lightweight and compact. Because of its small size, this device is a good option to treat areas of the skin that have contours, like the upper lip. This is a great option for smaller areas on the face or neck.
  • How does IPL work on your hair? The energy of short intense pulse light is absorbed preferentially by the pigment in root hair follicle, after continuous treatments, hair is prevented from growing back.
  • Where can I use it? You can removal hairs on up lips, chin, sideburns, armpit, arms, legs, tummy, bikini, private parts. We suggest try from level 1, then turn up to the intensity that you can stand.


  • ABS + PC + POM
  • COLOR BOX SIZE 15 * 8.5 * 2.5CM
  • 7V


  • 1 x Lithium Ion Hair Remover
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