Super Salvage Magnet

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Have you always imagined what could be at the bottom of a lake near where you live? Have you ever thought of finding valuable things at the bottom of that lake or ocean? Feed your curiosity with this Super Salvage Magnetic!


Magnet Fishing is an interesting and inexpensive outdoor hobby that anyone can do, and it gives the outdoor enthusiast a chance to interact with their environment in a very unique way. Imagine experiencing the thrill of the hunt of what you will find next, the excitement of pulling some metal treasure out of the water!


  • Powerful magnet. This fishing magnets is 42 mm in diameter, adopt strong neodymium magnet for its base. It can offer up to 60KG pulling strength under ideal condition.

  • Durable and high quality. The powerful magnetic force is only concentrated at the bottom, the other three sides are protected by steel cups that almost no magnetic force and magnetic force equivalent to 10 times the volume of the same magnet. Force permanent, long service life.
  • Neodymium fishing magnets. This is made of a super strong neodymium magnet encased inside a chrome plated steel cup. The neodymium magnet is bonded inside of the cup with adhesives. At the same time, the steel cup also protects the magnet from being damaged when frequently used. The eyebolt is provided for easy application but you can remove it and make and install your own hooks or eyebolts.
  • Helps with the environment. Magnet fishing is also a good way of keeping our different body of water clean of rusty metals and other metallic or iron materials. We spend lots of effort and resources cleaning our water of metal bodies that have been deposited in them long ago. With the advent of magnet fishing, you can rid the water of these poisonous substances that contaminate them and make it harmful to aquatic life.
  • Permanent strength. Neodymium is a kind of rare earth metal; it's suitable for making permanent & powerful magnets. This fishing magnet has permanent magnetism; it will be the same powerful even decades after.


  • Combined Pull Force / Holding Power: Up to 60kg
  • Coating: NiCuNi Triple Layer Coated
  • Material: NdFeB Magnet + Steel plate + 304 Stainless steel
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